About US

Chryseos Health is an integrated mental health practice that adopts a holistic approach in helping individuals find healing and restoration. Our approach covers key aspects of:

the body (nutrition, supplementation and lifestyle)

the mind 

the emotions

the spirit

We firmly believe that for healing and restoration to occur, all of the above key aspects need to be addressed. If you have been seeking answers on your journey towards mental wellness, we welcome you to contact us for your process of change.

Who we are

Dawn Wong, Head Therapist:

Dawn is a Registered Social Worker with the Singapore Association of Social Workers. She brings with her 17 years of social work and counselling experience, helping troubled individuals and families. She kicked off her social work career with youth work, before diving into counselling work within a Court context, and finally moving on to a family service centre where her last posting was a Centre Head role. Dawn was a newspaper journalist before she became a social worker. It was a desire for healing and restoration for herself that pushed her to find answers first in social work, and later on, to discover other valuable resources that contributed to the restoration work.

Eugene Tham, Health Coach:

Eugene had spent 18 years of his adult life caregiving for loved ones troubled by mental health conditions and chronic physical ailments. Unable to find answers within institutional psychiatry, he spent those years researching into complementary and alternative solutions, which he has implemented with much success. Eugene has a keen interest in the workings of the human body, and how nutrition and supplementation play a big role in the mental wellbeing of a person. He is also a certified TotalFit coach, and has been helping others improve their physical fitness. 

Eugene and Dawn are a husband-and-wife team that co-founded Chryseos Health in September 2020. Together with a team of like-minded therapists, we hope to use our combined expertise to help individuals troubled by mental health conditions to find answers on their road to recovery.