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Us, the tribe

Just as it takes a village to raise a child, it also takes a village to support a mentally ill person, a homeless person, an abused person, a [fill in the blanks for vulnerable person]. Having previously come from the government-sanctioned social services sector myself, I will just state the obvious – the social services … Continue reading Us, the tribe

To open or not to open

This Christmas, the hubs and I received a really meaningful present from a friend, the founder of Solve n+1, a Singapore organization that is passionate about representing and strengthening communities. The present came in a beautifully designed paper box that unfolded to reveal 6 questions that hoped to foster deeper and more heartfelt conversations between … Continue reading To open or not to open

My childhood haunts me

Our childhood experiences affect us in ways more than we can ever imagine. They literally haunt us, if we have undergone adverse childhood experiences, or ACEs in short. I will repeat the introductory paragraph in the above picture here again, for emphasis: “This chart shows the sequence of events that unaddressed childhood abuse and other … Continue reading My childhood haunts me

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