Workplace anxieties: Cognitive dissonance

Photo by Marlon Trottmann on A friend recently suggested that I write some posts on workplace anxieties, citing some of his own work experiences as traumatic. I realised that his experiences were not uncommon, because hey, how many of us can actually say we have found the perfect workplace for ourselves? Let's start with … Continue reading Workplace anxieties: Cognitive dissonance

My childhood haunts me

Copyright: "The Last Frontier" - Practice Guidelines for Treatment of Complex Trauma and Trauma Informed Care and Service Delivery Our childhood experiences affect us in ways more than we can ever imagine. They literally haunt us, if we have undergone adverse childhood experiences, or ACEs in short. I will repeat the introductory paragraph in the … Continue reading My childhood haunts me

Trauma and psychosis

Photo by Alex Smith on In our work with people who suffer from mental health conditions, we have experienced many who have undergone childhood trauma. Their stories have been supported by research, such as a meta-analysis of research showing that childhood adversities increase the risk of psychosis1. In the above-mentioned research, it was found … Continue reading Trauma and psychosis