Being a teenager, student and a daughter from an unhealthy family environment, I found myself in constant stress, pressure and negativity. I found it hard to control my emotions and it often took a toll on me mentally and physically.

Thankfully, I met Dawn and Eugene who provided me with unconditional support. They gave me many helpful solutions by introducing me to spiritual healing and the importance of nutrients for a healthy mind and body. Ever since then, I have been able to control my emotions much better and see things in a more positive light. This has allowed me to lead a more enriching lifestyle and I couldn’t be more grateful to have met Dawn and Eugene.

March 2023

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H. from singapore

Having struggled with anxiety related issues for quite some time stemming from other addictions, it was an amazing decision to seek help from Eugene & Dawn. Each playing very distinct roles, I felt that the duo’s complementing dynamics played a crucial role in my recovery process. I particularly believe in their methodology of focusing on all aspects of the human body – physical, emotional and spiritual, and found it to be highly effective. Even after ending therapy sessions with them, I find that what they have imparted was a new lifestyle, instead of merely stop-gap measures. Perhaps what meant most to me was seeing their genuine desire for my well-being, not merely being treated as a client.

July 2021

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A, from west Singapore

Dawn and Eugene journeyed with me & family closely for the past few years. They are a wonderful tag team and they complement each other very well in what they do. Dawn listens with her heart and provides counselling & practical advice. She’s professional, warm and genuine, and very importantly, she cares. This is not something that I receive from other counsellors that I’ve met. Eugene is very good in giving advice with regards to health and mental well-being. They are very good in helping to identify issues and working out a plan to help us to tackle them one at a time. They are very committed people and followed up with us on a regular basis. At times when we were discouraged, they reminded us not to give up and encouraged us lots.

Dawn & Eugene played a very important part in my family’s journey of healing, reconciliation & restoration. And I thank God for this wonderful couple ❤️

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D.Q from east singapore

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After getting married and selling my business I moved to Singapore and have been struggling with my transition and purpose. I lacked energy which led to brain-fog, and started to get some physical ailments as well. It was truly a blessing to meet Eugene and Dawn, with their wealth of knowledge and experience, to deal with issues pertaining to spirit, soul and body. Their coaching and support set me on the right track with good energy, better focus and free from any physical pains. Very thankful for the great work they are doing. They form a great team with the right connections which has helped me to thrive!

R.H. from the Netherlands

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“I work in a typical regional role – stressful, high demand and long working hours which have disrupted my work-life balance. Over time, I kept experiencing physical and mental fatigue even after staying physically active and eating healthy.

Eugene and Dawn have helped me realized that a holistic approach is required for me to achieve sound mind and healthy body. We went through sessions of healing programs, and they have shared with me knowledge about the essential super nutrients that our bodies required to boost energy with antioxidant and probiotic support at a cost-effective way.

I am thankful to this approach as it has helped me to prevent burnt out and at the same time being able to perform at the optimum level at work. “

W.C. from South Singapore

“I have been diagnosed with schizo-affective disorder for more than 15 years. So I had to take anti-psychosis medications that dulled my thought processes. I also had a few relapses but fortunately with strong family support, I was able to keep working over the years. Eugene and Dawn were able to help me tremendously. Through their methods, I was able to slowly reduce my dependence on medications, and my work performance improved so much that I received an excellent appraisal at work. Recently I have been slowly tapering off my medications, and for the last 2 months I have not been taking any medications. There were no withdrawal issues. I am sure their services will be of great value to you.”

L.Y. from West Singapore