D.Q from east singapore

Dawn and Eugene journeyed with me & family closely for the past few years. They are a wonderful tag team and they complement each other very well in what they do. Dawn listens with her heart and provides counselling & practical advice. She’s professional, warm and genuine, and very importantly, she cares. This is not something that I receive from other counsellors that I’ve met. Eugene is very good in giving advice with regards to health and mental well-being. They are very good in helping to identify issues and working out a plan to help us to tackle them one at a time. They are very committed people and followed up with us on a regular basis. At times when we were discouraged, they reminded us not to give up and encouraged us lots.

Dawn & Eugene played a very important part in my family’s journey of healing, reconciliation & restoration. And I thank God for this wonderful couple ❤️