Zoom with us!

With the COVID19 situation, we would like to offer FREE Zoom Consultation with us! We would love to have a chat with you! Connect with us in our Zoom meeting room for a 45 minutes session, where we will share with you the process of our protocol:

  1. body – good sleep, nutrition and supplements, exercise, fluid intake.
  2. soul (mind and emotions) – therapy, social connection, family life, accountability, life skills.
  3. spirit – meditation, breathing, breaking free from the past, rest.


  1. Whatsapp us for an appointment: +65 96740858
  2. Join Zoom Meeting via the following link: https://zoom.us/j/2767939785?pwd=dWM3U0hSZ25oK3VuLzEyMXJMc1o4dz09
  3. Wait to be admitted to the Zoom Meeting

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