Webinar: Parent-teacher engagement for a child’s well-being

Webinar: Parent-teacher engagement for a child’s well-being

It is a privilege to be invited by my long-time friend Coach John, as an interviewee in his webinar series to support parents who teach their kids. Coach John is a highly effective Math coach and author who has helped many students to ace their Math papers in primary school.

In this hour-long interview, we talk about many things that are important for the mental well-being of both parents and children. I share from my own professional practice as a social worker, as well as my own experiences as a parent. Coach John, who is also a dad of three, enriches my sharing with his own parenting experiences. Some highlights:

  1. Parent-teacher collaboration for kids
  2. Helping children with emotional regulation
  3. Self-care tips for parents
  4. Inner work parents can do to reduce parent-child relationship barriers
  5. What makes a “good” parent

It was fun talking to Coach John! His website is here. You can also access the above webinar here or through his facebook link. Enjoy!

4 thoughts on “Webinar: Parent-teacher engagement for a child’s well-being

  1. Thank you Dawn for the opportunity to learn from you as well. My parents had also benefitted a lot from your sharing too. All the best to your new venture in helping more people😊😊😊

  2. While I’m not yet a parent, your sharing on negotiation skill to set the right expectation between both parties is an excellent reminder for me!

    I realised that I’ve been quick to jump into conclusion and project my own expectation on others rather than trying to understand what another party can achieve. I acknowledged that your recommendation to meet half ways is feasible, it will take patience and willingness to allow another party time to arrive at their goals.

    Thanks for the wisdom, Dawn!

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