Webinar – Legal protection for a peace of mind

Chryseos Health’s Mental Health 101 webinar series

Topic: Legal protection for a peace of mind

Guest interviewee: Benedict Eoon, Associate Director, Covenant Chambers LLC. Benedict is a lawyer who has had experience in areas such as civil and commercial litigation, criminal litigation and family law.

Synopsis: You could be someone coping with a mental illness hoping for your personal matters to be well managed. Or, you could be a caregiver concerned about the welfare of those in your charge and how your own affairs could be affected. Chryseos Health chats with Benedict on how the mentioned parties can obtain the necessary legal protection for a greater peace of mind.

We chatted about –

  1. Legal cases involving persons vulnerable to exploitation or who needed to have their interests safeguarded.
  2. Legal instruments such as wills, trusts, the Lasting Power of Attorney and personal protection orders. Also, thought processes that families go through when seeking out such legal instruments.
  3. Why the “kampung spirit” is still very much needed, despite the availability of legal protection.

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