Webinar – Nutritional therapy for mental illness

Chryseos Health’s Mental Health 101 webinar series

Topic: Nutritional Therapy for Mental Illness

Guest interviewee: Katherine Khoo, Nutritional Therapist and Founder of Aman Wellness. After almost 20 years of a hectic corporate lifestyle with various multinationals, the stressful and imbalanced lifestyle took a toll on her health. Indigestion, allergies, acne and constant fatigue were common health issues. On realizing that the medications she took helped to alleviate symptoms but did not provide a cure or reversal for her conditions, she decided to search for an alternative. In doing so, she discovered the science of Nutritional Medicine.

Synopsis: Nutrition for good health is very important but there is not much authoritative information out there to help us make the right choices about nutrition. How can we discover what nutrition works optimally for our mental health? Chryseos Health chats with Katherine on the following:

  • How she started on nutritional therapy.
  • Clients who came to her to fix their physical health issues, but ended up also improving their mental health conditions and getting their lives back in order.
  • What is wrong with the food pyramid that the public believes in.
  • What are some health markers she looks out for through blood tests.
  • How she uses supplements and nutrition to support her own health and that of others.

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