Webinar – The rise of mental illnesses: Its impact on me

Chryseos Health’s Mental Health 101 webinar series

Topic: The rise of mental illnesses: Its impact on me

Guest interviewee: Mr Vincent Soo, Founder and Managing Director of H.O.P.E Alliance. H.O.P.E. Alliance is a Social Enterprise registered with Singapore Centre for Social Enterprise (raiSE). It supports, equips and empowers peers (persons with mental health issues) to manage their challenges, be self-reliant and excel using their unique strengths.

Synopsis: We chatted about –

  1. Common mental illnesses in Singapore, including its impact on persons who suffer from them, as well as their caregivers.
  2. Support management, including peer-managed “safe places” in US and UK as alternatives to acute hospitals when persons self-harm or act out in aggression.
  3. Multi-faceted approaches to supporting persons with mental illness.
  4. Self-care strategies.

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