Webinar – Running his way to recovery

Chryseos Health’s Mental Health 101 webinar series

Topic: Running his way to recovery

Guest interviewee: Brian Chan is a father of two, and a business development professional. He began to have depression in his early secondary school years, but was only formally diagnosed during his university days. In a rare and most honest interview, Chryseos Health chats with Brian on his experience with depression, his recovery through ultra-running (endurance running) and his lessons on resilience learnt through running.

Synopsis: We chatted about –

  1. Brian’s experience with depression – the triggers, the symptoms, the repeating patterns he kept going through, and its impact on his marriage and work life.
  2. How he discovered ultra-running, and what this almost-accidental discovery did for his recovery.
  3. Bio-hacking (the possibility of trying out adaptogenic herbs to support mental wellness); the importance of nutrition for a healthy mind.
  4. Why he is motivated to share his story with others.
  5. The Resilience Programme, which includes his lessons learnt through ultra-running.

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